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Artist’s Statement


My work is homage to life’s many aspects and expresses my spiritual values and choices.  It deals with dreams, nature and recollections of past experiences as well as the present.  I make sense of these experiences by translating them into visual images.


I am challenged to reach beyond what I know.  I seek an inner path to find and clarify my own voice with which to reflect new perspectives on our society and culture.


For the masters who have inspired me, my attitude is one of deep respect and humility.  I wonder what path they followed, and try to recognize within myself the emotions that may have motivated them.


We all have dreams with which we are able to create the landscape of desire.  We choose the life we want and live the life we choose.


It has been said that man can live for weeks without food, for days without water, moments with no air and seconds without thinking; but the instant he stops imagining, he dies.





Aldo was born in Italy and came to Canada in 1968.  A graduate of Alberta University of the Arts, he is a national award winning artist and is internationally shown. His work is in collections of The Alberta Foundation for the Arts, the Calgary Civic Art Collection and the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts in Texas USA; it is also in private collections in Canada, the United States, China, England, France and Italy.


Since he was very little he had a desire to draw on paper and to build objects of wood or clay.  This gave him an opportunity to discover methods and techniques of construction and, to his delight, enabled him to make most of his childhood toys.  The desire, passion and discipline experienced in his youth are still strong elements in his life.

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